Studio Tools是一组高动态范围纹理,xpresso装备和Cinema 4D Studio设置,旨在通过V-Ray和Octane Render极大地加快Cinema 4D内部的照明工作流程,借助这些工具集,您可以创建照片,产品可视化和动画的真实工作室情况,并在几分钟内实现最高质量。

Studio Tools is a set of High Dynamic Range textures ,xpresso rigs ,and Cinema 4D studio setups made to greatly speed up your lighting workflow inside Cinema 4D with V-Ray and Octane Render, with this collection of tools  you are able to create photo-real studio situations for product visualizations & animations, and achieve the highest quality possible within minutes.


  • C4D R16-23

  • 适用于Cinema 4D的V-Ray 5

  • 或Corona Render B1(仅Windows)

  • 或Octane Render v3.08 +

  • 或C4D的最新Redshift

  • 适用于Windows和Mac OS

  • 下载大小:700mb

  • 插件类型:C4D库(.lib4d)

  • 最新更新(V-Ray):v1.5(15.02.2021)

  • 最新更新(Corona):v1.0(28.12.2018)

  • 最新更新(Redshift):v1.0(26.03.2018)

  • 最新更新(Octane):v1.04(15.02.2020)


C4D预设-HDRI高动态环境灯光预设 Corona Studio Tools Pro v1.0

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