Yoast SEO Premium是WordPress高级SEO优化插件集合的最新版本。该集合包含:Yoast Local SEO for woomerce,Yoast Local SEO for WordPress,Yoast News SEO for WordPress&Google,Yoast SEO Premium,Yoast Video SEO for WordPress,Yoast woomerce SEO plugin。


Yoast Seo的特点

-Yoast SEO Premium甚至可以预览社交网络!
-Yoast SEO调整了你网站的引擎,这样你就可以创建伟大的内容。
-SEO角色管理:让你的同事访问WordPress Yoast SEO插件的特定部分。


= 15.0 =
Release Date: September 29th, 2020

Today, we’re launching Yoast SEO 15.0. This release features some awesome new additions and enhancements. We’ve added full support for Arabic and made the Yoast SEO block editor sidebar fully-featured. Read more about those changes in [our release post](https://yoa.st/release-15-0)!


* Introduces an advanced settings tab in the sidebar.
* Introduces buttons in the sidebar to open the Facebook and Twitter Preview in a modal.
* Changes the Google Preview modal styling to match the other new modals.
* Always shows the Google Preview editor fields and as a result removes the 'Edit snippet' button.
* Changes the styling of the Yoast SEO sidebar to match the standard Gutenberg styling.
* Slightly rearranges the order of items in the Yoast SEO sidebar.
* Adds a hover state styling to the items in the Metabox.
* Improves the English transition word assessment by adding the following words to the transition word list: 'note that', 'not only', 'initially', 'as opposed to'.
* Improves the keyphrase and prominent word recognition when words in the text occur with specific Arabic or Urdu punctuation marks.


* Fixes a bug where the value of the schema `@type` could contain `null`.
* Fixes a bug where the `archive`, `imageindex` and `snippet` robot values would be output when `noindex` was present as well.
* Fixes a bug where the indexable permalinks could have an incorrect value when the term slug was changed.
* Fixes a bug where parts of the content of a password protected post could be output in the schema.
* Fixes a bug where the 'Stop counting' button in the text link counter modal wouldn't stop the counting of links.
* Fixes a bug where indexable hierarchies were not being created during bulk indexing.


* Adds the `wpseo_sitemap_index_links` filter to enable adding links to the sitemap index. Props to [Joseph Paul](https://github.com/jsphpl).


Yoast SEO: News v12.4.1
Yoast SEO: Local v12.7
Yoast SEO: WooCommerce v12.5
Yoast SEO: Video v12.4